Sunday, November 17, 2013

Librarything for Genealogists

Librarything for Genealogists is the title of one of the talks I will be presenting on the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise in February. I am so excited to have an opportunity to tell a few people about it because it is one of my all time favourite sites. I visit Librarything on most days.

As I start to prepare my presentation I have been going over the site. I don't use all of its social functions because I just don't have time but I do have a favourite.  

Librarything Connection Page

On the Connections Tab of Librarything is "Interesting Libraries";  this is one element of Librarything that I love because I can follow what other people are adding to their personal collections if I add them to my list of "Interesting Libraries".  Most of the interesting libraries I follow are those of other genealogists and bookish friends. I like to see what they add, rate and review and to compare their libraries with mine. I could even check to see if they own a hard to find title and plead  with them to do a lookup for me.

Looking through the list of "Interesting Libraries" I follow I note that there are a few fellow cruisers on the list. If you want to take a peek into their libraries here are some links for you.

Bibliaugrapher (Me)
Chris Paton
Helen Smith

I wonder if any other cruisers are Librarything fans.

Among the other libraries I follow are these genealogists:
alexdawAnglersRest,audreycollinsausgenjourneysBeckyJamisoncaroleriley,cassmobcdfhsCMPointer,DebbieKennettdougangene,drumcondrajohngasson,kingstongenealogy,KirstyF.WilkinsonLeslie_Ann,Linda.Otterylmdhs,lovegenealogy,MerronNSWGenealogy,perkinsy,pschultz, sheenatait, smbrennan

Librarything membership is free for your first 200 books added and a lifetime membership is $US25. 

Librarything is a fantastic tool to organise your personal library and record your reading. I suggest you give it a try.

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