Sunday, November 3, 2013

Surprise from MyHeritage

Another social media success tale.

Yesterday morning after I arrived at The Central Coast Family Fair and had unpacked my gear I
took a couple of photos as the stalls were being set up. I posted one photo of the Familysearch display on Twitter and was pleased to see it taken up and retweeted by FamilySearch.

On Google+ I posted a photo of a couple of stalls with the message "The workers are busy getting ready for the Central Coast Family History Fair at East Gosford today. Come on down.". A few people gave the post a +1 and that was good BUT I also received a direct message from someone in the US. I had met Mark Olsen from MyHeritage at Roostech earlier in the year and he had been very keen to help me out. I filed Mark's business card away with all the bumph I got from #Rootstech and think any more about it, however, Mark and I follow each other on Social Media. 

The message that was from Mark said: 

"Hi Jill - if you like feel free to offer the East Gosford Folks one or two full access MyHeritage plans for one year as door prizes.  If you decide to do this just email the winners names and emails to me and I will take care of them. Have fun."

As the Fair was crowded (and I was busy on the Gould Genealogy stand) it took me a while to track down the organiser responsible for prizes. She was delighted when I relayed Mark's message and  asked me to Make an announcement over the PA system telling of The MyHeritage prizes. In an audience that is mostly unaware of the power of social media it was wonderful to be able to share a real-life example. 

After I made the announcement a few people came along  and asked me about MyHeritage and what it is. perhaps it is time for a marketing push for this product in Australia.

Thank you to Mark and MyHeritage for enabling me to share these prizes at the Fair.


Alan Phillips said...

Jill, MyHeritage are beginning to promote themselves in Australia. They sponsored Shake Your Family Tree throughout Australia a few months ago, exhibiting and speaking in Canberra, with the talks relayed to Shake You Family Tree seminars in other cities. In August they ran a significant special offer in association with a Gould Genealogy catalogue mailing to 20,000 customers. They are a major sponsor of the 4th Unlock the Past cruise next February and will be the principle sponsor of the Chris Paton and Thomas MacEntee downunder roadshow in February 2014.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Isn't it great to see things come together like this and good that they are supporting Aussie researchers. I just joined the other day thanks to a promo pricew


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