Monday, November 4, 2013

A Hangout is Announced

Spurred on by the encouragement of my Genimates I have, after experimenting with one Hangout on Air, decided to host them on a regular basis.

Thanks to DearMyrtle and Russ Worthington for their advice and assistance with Hangout administration. I am grateful also to these people have discussed the first Hangout on their blogs:

Pauleen Cass
Julie Goucher
Shauna Hicks
Dave Robison
Sharon Muffett
Tanya St Clair Honey
Anne Young

And so on with the show

You are invited to join GeniAUS and friends on Thursday November 14 for a discussion on books for genealogists who are researching from or about downunder. 

Sydney (Australia) 9:00pm 
New York (USA) 5:00am 
UTC 10:00am 

Participants in the Live hangout are asked to share details of a favourite old or new genealogy book that would be of use to others researching their ancestors. It might be an idea to have a second book as a backup just in case someone else selects the same title.  We will rotate members of the live panel to give as many people as possible a chance to share details of their books. 

Please feel free to invite other genealogists to this event.  Please post comments during and after the HoA in the GeniAUS Community on Google+ 

You will need to be a member of the Community to make comments during the live Hangout so please  join up now 

Why did I choose this topic?

On the Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise earlier in the year I moderated an impromptu session in which I asked cruisers to bring along and share details of a favourite book. In my opinion this was a super and successful activity that gave many cruisers an opportunity to share something special. 

It was evident from the first hangout that folk are really interested in resources so I chose that topic for our next Hangout on Air.

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