Monday, March 26, 2012

Transport Tips for out of Towners - Congress

Anonymous posted this comment on an earlier post of mine about Congress. I hope he/she says G'day at Congress so I can thank her/him for this advice.

Hope you have a great time at the conference. I have been following your blog. Very interesting. 
I am attending the conference too.
Couple of things to remember the TRAMS in the CITY are free within the city limits. So South Terrace to North Terrace you travel free. 
Also there is a FREE bus that is called the CITY LOOP - you can get that in the middle of Victoria square and takes you around the city where the tram does not go.

Also there is another FREE bus run by the Adelaide City Council (run by solar energy I think it is called the Adelaide CONNECTOR) that takes you to the Central Market in Gouger Street and along Hutt Street that has some of the larger homes (that are now used for business but were once private homes) and then out to North Adelaide which has some very scenic spots as well. 

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