Saturday, March 31, 2012

Social Media Mob

I suspect that the majority of the attendees at this week's Congress do not use Social Media. There was, however, a small group of active Tweeters and Bloggers who shared news and opinions about  Congress  happenings via Social Media. Sharing our experiences in real time via social media enhanced our  enjoyment of the Conference.

As the Official Blogger for the Conference I tried to encourage others to blog and tweet and endeavoured to so so myself.  Some of us had not previously met in person but we came together as good friends because of the communication we have had via various social media over the last couple of years. Over the the next few days I will compile and publish a list of links to all the posts written about Congress. It will be a valuable archive of reports for the future.

Thank you to the bloggers who joined with me to wear gaudy blogger beads during Congress.

I was pleased when Alona Tester from Gould suggested that the Geneabloggers at Congress gather for a group photo today.Thanks to Mr Geniaus who came over to the Convention Centre today to act as photographer.

Australian Geneabloggers
(L-R) Cassie Mercer, Sharn White, Shauna Hicks, Judy Webster, Alona Tester, Helen V Smith, Seonaid Lewis, Jill Ball, Liz Pidgeon, Jenny Joyce, Kylie Willison Absent: Kerry Farmer, Carole Riley
(L-R) Sharn White, Cassie Mercer, Alona Tester, Judy Webster, Helen V Smith,  Shauna Hicks,  Jill Ball,  Seonaid Lewis, Liz Pidgeon, Jenny Joyce, Kylie Willison Absent: Kerry Farmer, Carole Riley


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Great chance to see everyone, thanks to Mr Geniaus. Sounds like lots of fun had by all. Look forward to reading more reports fm the beaded bloggers.

Fi said...

Fabulous to see a pic of a wonderful group of people.

Bribie Family History Association said...

The smaller beads actually get a bit hidden by the lanyards - perhaps we need something else, just don't suggest a Tshirt!

Kerryn Taylor said...

lol @Shauna, how about a nice cap?

patientgenie said...

Congrats everyone. Love the no T shirt line, Shauna.

Anyone going to NSW Family History Conference in September? See you all then.

aka patientgenie

Michelle Nichols said...

@Shauna nice pair of rabbit ears?


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