Thursday, March 22, 2012

Return to Adelaide

Over the years I have visited Adelaide a number of times. As I prepare for our excursion to Adelaide next week for "The 13th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldry Adelaide 2012" I took a peek in my Picasa collection to see what images I could find.

In 1952 I travelled with my mother to visit her sister, Kathleen, who was living in Adelaide at the time with my Uncle Jack. We travelled by train and returned by 'plane. Some of my first memories are from this trip. I remember having to change trains in the middle of the night in Albury as the gauge of the railway track changed as we crossed the state border. I remember that Aunty Kath and Uncle Jack had a set of external stairs leading to the flat. I remember the big scales (to weigh baggage or passengers) at the airport, having orange juice on the 'plane and being greeted at Sydney's Mascot Airport on our arrival home by  two other aunties.

I do not recall the outing recorded in the attached photo or the little boy, Robert McCubbin, who must be all grown up by now.


Judy Webster said...

Great photo! And "earliest childhood memories" is a topic that fascinates me.

Unknown said...

Well, weren't you just the cutest! What fun memories!


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