Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Surprise from Audrey

In a blog post last August I lamented that I didn't purchase a little book from the  TNA  when I  bought a few last year. I didn't buy it because it was a beginner's book. I regretted this after reading the other titles in the series as they contained valuable practical information and tips for English research.

When I first caught up with Audrey Collins from TNA at Rootstech this year she said she had a surprise for me. When next I ran into her she produced  from her handbag a copy of "Easy Family History" - a gift for me. Audrey had recalled my regret at not purchasing this title.

Now that I am back home and the bags are unpacked I want to thank Audrey for her thoughtfulness. I have scanned the book and learnt some things I didn't know, it will be travelling with me on my road trip to Adelaide, I will plenty of time to digest its contents fully on that long drive.

I am thrilled that Audrey is coming to Australia in June for a speaking tour where I will catch up with her at the Unlock the Past Brisbane Expo. Audrey will also be doing a speaking tour of the Eastern States, I can recommend Audrey's talks - as well as being thoughtful she is a knowledgeable and funny lady.

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