Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sharing Congress Excitement

A number of the people with whom I communicate on various social media are starting to share their excitement about attending this event which is only held once every three years in Australia.

Some like me are first time attendees while others including Judy Webster from Queensland have attended nearly all of the twelve previous Congresses that have been held at various cities around Australia.

I have noticed Cassie Mercer from Inside History Magazine and Alona Tester from Gould Genealogy tweeting about Congress. Earlier today on Twitter I proposed that when tweeting about Congress we should use a hashtag. Alona Tester was online at the time and we entered into a conversation on this topic. We agreed that we would use #AFFHO12 whenever we posted tweets about Congress. Hopefully other genealogists and sponsors who are attending the Congress will also use this hashtag so that posts can be easily identified.

I have put a note on the Australian Genealogy group on Facebook asking the 700+ members there if anyone  is attending Congress. Hopefully some of the people in that group are heading to Adelaide and will share their excitement in their Facebook genealogy groups.

There are a number of Australian genealogists using Google Plus. Another first time attendee, Liz Pidgeon (aka @infolass) has used that medium to indicate that she will be attending Congress.

If you are attending Congress please let me know - I'd love to catch up with you there. 


Bribie Family History Association said...

I've been to a few and each one is different - looking forward to this one because it's always a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones!

genebrarian said...

Can't wait. So looking forward to this. I know I will learn lots. Looking forward to meeting up with friends, meeting Twitter friends in real life who I feel I know already etc. My first trip to Adelaide as well! !


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