Thursday, February 16, 2012

Packing for Congress

As a newbie I am not sure what I should pack for Congress in Adelaide. 

Tourist sites tell me that the weather in Adelaide will be mild in late March so I won't need my thermal underwear or my sundresses. As conference venue airconditioning can be unreliable I will be dressing in layers and wearing flat comfortable shoes.

I'll need some cash for those vendors who may not offer credit facilities in the trade fair/exhibit hall as I am sure there will be lots of goodies for sale. As always there will be a bottle of water in my conference bag and maybe some healthy snacks. 

As I have no ancestors from South Australia I won't be visiting any repositories for research so I won't need to worry about that side of things. I have revised the list of gear that I took to Rootstech for this Adelaide trip. This is what I will be taking:

Netbook and USB wireless connection 

*Galaxy Tab another option for connecting, tweeting and blogging from the conference.

* Small portable hard drive on which I have all my family history data. One never knows when one will meet a cousin.

Digital camera, SD cards, 2 batteries, charger - This Official Blogger wants to take lots of happy snaps for the blog. I will back up any notes taken to this device.

2 Thumb/Flash drives  Just in case

Mobile phone and charger

Pencil case with pencils, sharpener and pens

* Spiral bound notebook (If all else fails write it down)

Business cards 

All of this will probably be packed in a bright bag that will stand out in the crowd.

Of course I will be taking Mr Geniaus to act as chauffeur. I hope he can amuse himself for a few days in Adelaide.

I am wondering if there is anything else I need to take.


Kylie said...

Hi Jill
The weather is very changeable here in Adelaide at the moment but we can sometimes get a few very hot days in March. It wouldn't hurt to throw one sun dress in your bag.

Kylie :-)

Judy Webster said...

I was wondering about the weather too, so thanks for your comment, Kylie. In Attending Genealogy Conferences I included links to two must-read articles - Amy Coffin's guide to genealogy conferences, and Sue Maxwell's excellent practical suggestions on how to prepare in advance to get the most out of a conference, and what to take.


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