Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cold feet

Meeting up with over 4,000 genealogists at Rootstech might give attendees cold feet. Having survived Rootstech 2011 I am not troubled by this type of cold feet.

Brown Boots Bargain
My cold feet are physical in nature.  The Salt Lake climate requires the sort of sturdy footwear that is not found in most Australians' wardrobes or indeed in our shops.

After arriving in Salt Lake Mr Geniaus and I just happened across a Ross Store and came out with a bag of bargains. One of my finds was a pair of boots ($US29.95) made by Khombu who apparently make shoes for the US Winter Olympics Team. Although brown is not my colour I couldn't resist this bargain.

A number of genealogists have been wondering about appropriate attire for the bracing weather in Salt Lake. If you want to have warm feet like me at the Rootstech Conference you could drop by Ross and grab some warm brown boots. 

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