Thursday, February 9, 2012

Converted at Rootstech

Straight after Rootstech Mr Geniaus and I boarded a plane for Florida and headed for a cruise ship and warmer climes. I am blogging from somewhere near the Cuban coast where the temperature is a pleasant 26 degrees centigrade

Mr Geniaus at work
Rootstech 2012 was an amazing experience so much so that my non-genealogist husband has agreed to return for Rootstech 2013 and to set aside more time for research in the Family History Library. I think he has caught the genealogist bug. He spent hours at the Library scanning reels of microfilm looking for evidence of his English ancestors in small villages. He was frustrated that he was unable to knock down a brick wall that may connect us with descendants of James Gowans, the Scottish clockmaker, in New York. There is evidence on the US 1900 census that Mira/Maria Gowans lived on 261 West 20th Street, New York, New York and after that we cannot find a trace of her. 

At Rootstech Mr Geniaus had access some of the best genealogists in the US and he asked each of them for guidance with his problem but despite following their advice his searches brought no results.

Unlike me Mr Geniaus likes to plan far ahead so we already agreed that we will stay on after Rootstech and spend a week researching in the Family History Library and we'll include in our itinerary New York where there is a copy of Maria's mother's probate file from 1902 held in the Surrogate's Court. Perhaps this will hold a clue to Maria's whereabouts after 1902!

I think I have a family history convert!


Unknown said...

I have a non-genealogist husband also. I didn't get to go to RootsTech this year, but I sure am hoping to go next year and I would like for him to come with me. Maybe this time next year I will be writing a post very similar to yours (probably minus the cruise). Keep your fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

It was wonderful getting to meet you both. I am so excited that he might have caught the 'bug' and that we will be able to see you both again next year.
After I told my wife about the various blogger's spouses that were brought along, got to socialize and help in research, she said, "Well, maybe I will have to go next year then!"

Greta Koehl said...

Glad Mr. Geniaus has seen the light! I have been trying to convert my husband as well. I think all I have to do is find one of his ancestors with a significant connection to military service (= fought in a war) and I will have him hooked.

Merron Riddiford said...

Wow, Mr Geniaus, you rock! I am very impressed that he suggested you stay on for an extra week next year for the purpose of research.
Enjoy your cruise!

Becky Thompson said...

My husband came with me, planning to attend only the first day of the Conference. We stayed with his brother/sis-in-law and he thought he'd visit them while I went to RootsTech. However, he attended full days all 3 days! And we BOTH had a ball! Many people knew me so he introduced himself as Mr. Becky Jamison! I encouraged everyone to bring their spouse if possible!!! We'll be there next year!

Celia Lewis said...

You must be over the moon, Jill! So exciting to share with one's spouse! And the after-conference benefits sound absolutely fabulous! Maybe next year I will be able to be at RootsTech too (minus the long-divorced spouse!).

GeniAus said...

Thanks, everyone for your comments. We have already made plans for a post Rootstech 2013 cruise so we'll be in SLC for the next Rootstech.


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