Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yesterday at SAG

The TMG (The Master Genealogist) Sydney User Group meets every three months at The Society of Australian Genealogists in Sydney. The enthusiastic members of this group provide support and friendship to users of The Master Genealogist software. The group was founded by Carole Riley and is now under the stewardship of Kerry Farmer.

Of the twenty odd persons who attended yesterday there was a number of seasoned users, some novices like me and one gentleman who had only purchased the program on Friday. Kerry Farmer organised a varied program for the meeting. I was pleased to be able to show the group how I publish my TMG data on the web with TNG. As I only had 15 minutes I was not able to do justice to the TNG software. 

I directed the group to these Australian sites that had been produced with TNG.

 Bobby Family Tree
Brady Family Tree in Western Australia
Briese family genealogy pages
Castellorizo Genealogy Pages
Clan Cameron Australia
A Country Squire
Geniaus Family Site
King and McKay Genealogy Pages
Roy - Royes Family Links
The Tree of Me
Twigs of Yore  

Kerry gave the next two presentations. Firstly she gave us a thorough tour of the new beta version of TMG (v8); the group members were interested to see the new features that Kerry demonstrated. We were all most grateful to Kerry for the time she put into examining this software for us.
Second Site was the topic of Kerry's second presentation. Kerry had stepped into the breach when the member who was to do the presentation could not attend.  After providing an introduction to the program Kerry gave a practical demonstrataion on using Second Site to publish one's TMG  data in html format. Once produced these websites can then be saved to a CD and given to family members. Kerry then showed us a number of family websites created with Second Site that had been published online.

I commend the meetings of this group to anyone who uses TMG or who is considering purchase of a genealogy software program. At the next meeting of the group at SAG in August Bruce Fairhall will be presenting on how he uses TMG for his One-Name Project.  All with an interest in TMG are welcome to the meeting, bookings can be made closer to the date on the SAG website.


GeniAus said...

I didn't mean that there were 20 odd people at the meeting - I' sure that they are all sane and sensible! I just did'nt do an accurate headcount.

Sharon said...

I did have a little giggle!


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