Thursday, May 19, 2011

I must be crazy....

I launched another blog today, GeniAusEvents. This blog is mainly for Aussie bloggers but would be of interest to people travelling from overseas who want to attend some genealogy events in Australia.

Here is part of what I had to say in my first post:

"This morning I was reflecting on a post I made on May 3, Elusive Events, in which I wrote "I dream of an online calendar that lists all events that may be suitable for budding and experienced  Australian genealogists. Something based on the Geneawebinars Blog would seem to fit the bill...but who will take responsibility for such a resource?"

That post attracted a number of comments one of which from  Elizabeth O'Neal said..."The only way to find out is to give it a try". I also thank Judy Webster who gave some useful tips in a comment on that Elusive Events post, as I get going  I will  employ these.

I set up a blog, GeniAusEvents and let it rest. This morning when I was fiddling with my Google calendars I thought I may as well give it a go. So I set up GeniAusEvents Google calendar, added a couple of events and pasted the code at the bottom of my template. The calendar will be visible at the bottom of each page of this blog. Hey presto, another blog is born.

I am not promising that this will be a comprehensive list but, as I monitor quite a few mailing lists, blogs and twitter I hear about a number of things that may be of use.

The focus of this blog will be events of interest to Australian Genealogists including conferences, excursions, family reunions, lectures, open days and seminars. This is by no means a comprehensive list but a listing of events that I come across on my genealogical journey. As I live in NSW it may have a bias towards that state.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Congratulations - I will add it to the GeneaBloggers list in a few minutes.


GeniAus said...

Thomas, Maybe that should be commiserations!


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