Wednesday, May 4, 2011

$14.95 well spent?

Among the piles of remaindered books on sale at my local QBD Bookshop I often find some gems.

I usually give books published by Reader's Digest a wide berth but I succumbed on this occasion. Australia's Yesterdays: the illustrated story of how we lived, worked and played  is a compilation of articles dealing with Australian social history. Topics include:  From Vaudeville to the ballet, The versatile Snowy Baker, Making cars in Australia, The home of quackery and On the Susso. The articles are written in a popular style and are easy to read.

Illustrated with old photographs, cartoons, advertisements and documents this book will give the genealogist information about Australian life in the twentieth century.  It is not a work to be read in one session and does not have to be read chapter by chapter. As it is a compilation the reader can jump all over the place selecting articles at will; the comprehensive index gives readers access to articles of interest.

At $14.95 this 360 page quarto sized book is good value. As it is a rather heavy tome I would not recommend it for bedtime reading.

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Sharon said...

There is also a title "New Zealand Yesterdays"


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