Monday, December 29, 2008

Carnival of Genealogy - 63rd Edition New Year's Resolutions!

Geniaus' New Year's Resolutions for Family History.

By taking part in this Carnival I am forcing myself to reflect on the haphazard way in which I approach my genealogy hobby. I am retiring from fulltime employment this month so I should have more time to devote to my search for ancestors and distant cousins.

In 2009 I will endeavour to:

* Get organised;
* Label my archive of Blogposts and all new posts;
* Post to Geniaus every second day;
* Go through ancestors records one by one and properly record sources for all information;
* Move my paper files into one sequence and out of their family-based folders;
* Digitise all certificates, wills etc. in my posession;
* Scan and tag my family history photographs;
* Update and redesign my website;
* Respond to emails from fellow genealogists in a timely manner;
* Rejoin The Society of Australian Genealogists.

Thanks to Genea-Bloggers for organising this Carnival.

1 comment:

footnoteMaven said...

Welcome to the world of GeneaBlogging. Looking forward to reading about you and your hobby/addiction in 2009.



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