Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Carnival of Genealogy - 62nd Edition - 3 Wishes

Dear Genea-Santa,

Thank you for allowing me to make three wishes. A couple of the items are large and cumbersome so I will understand if you cannot satisfy all of my requests. I have chosen items that were important in the lives of my ancestors; these either contributed to their livelihood or impacated on their life's journey.

1. I would love to have the bundle of goods that were stolen by my 3rd great-grandmother, Elizabeth Phipps, and caused her to be sentenced to transportation to the colony of New South Wales.

2. I am interested in owning the plough that my 3rd great grandfather, Patrick Curry, used to till the soil at Camden Park where he was a tenant farmer.

3. I'd like to have a ride in the truck belonging to my grandfather, Frank Duncan, from which he sold drinks, ice-creams and snacks in Cobar, NSW.

Thanks, Santa, for giving an old girl an opportunity to make three wishes.

Post written for the 62nd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene

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Sheri Fenley said...

Glad to have you on board with the genea-bloggers!


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