Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trove Tuesday - Doing my bit as a VolunTrove

As I believe in "paying it forward" I have been a VolunTrove since 2009. Around February this year the Trove  team coined this phrase for those volunteers in the Trove community who undertake what they call #TroveHomework ie participating in activities that add value to our amazing national resource, Trove . As well as those who correct text in the newspaper zone of Trove  VolunTroves  can make virtual collections by tagging items and creating lists on various topics.

Although I have been correcting text for over ten years I have not made the enormous contribution of those Hall o' fame  text correctors who have each corrected millions of lines of text. My contribution is but a drop in the ocean...but the ocean is made up of many drops!

I am classed as an "elderly at risk person" for the current Covid-19 Pandemic so I am practising Social Isolation  by self isolating at home.  This means that I have a lot of time on my hands. Of course, as I am a genealogy tragic, I will always have something to amuse myself.

Earlier this month I opened my Trove User Profile to check on my text correction status. 

My text correction tally is not too impressive. I have managed between 0 and  552 corrected lines per month since 2009 until February 2020. Nothing to gloat about!

I have made a commitment to be a good VolunTrove during my isolation and commit to correcting more lines per month. To date March 2020 has been my best month yet; as of this morning I have corrected 753 lines of text in March. That places me at position 2930 in the 
Hall o' fame table. I aim to improve on that.

I am concentrating on correcting articles relating to persons in my family tree. However, when I am in a Family Notices section, I correct some of the entries neighbouring those of my ancestors. I am also tagging entries with ancestors' names and creating lists for descendants of my first ancestors to arrive in Australia eg Descendants of Elizabeth Phipps

Please consider joining me as an active VolunTrove during your period of isolation. 


Carmel said...

Busy scheduling the A to Z using your spreadsheet idea as a template, but did just find and correct a court case for the letter C. Trove is easy family history, I’m not so good on following up on the difficult stuff!

Sharon said...

I'm in position 3041 so not far behind. Not bad as I haven't done much for a few years. Perhaps a holiday challenge.

GeniAus said...

Carmel - so pleased you've joined the challenge

GeniAus said...

Sharon - I should be way ahead of you - I have ore time on my hands!

Christine said...

Hi Jill,
In the past three days I have moved from position 23,237 to 10,470. And I have started my own blog called "Treasures from Trove".
It's great to be on board!

GeniAus said...

That's quite a jump Christine. Well done.


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