Thursday, January 2, 2020

From the mouths of babes

I tidied up my physical desk as per the guidelines from Drew and  George in their current 31 Days of Getting Organised Challenge  and unearthed a few treasures.  Among them was a piece of paper on which my grandchildren recorded a few thoughts about me that my husband solicited when preparing his speech at my last birthday party.

A Dozen of the Best

This is what was said about me:

  • She likes parties
  • She likes coming to Grandparents' day at school
  • She likes holiday time
  • Takes us out to dinner
  • She's going to take me on a cruise (not sure about that one)
  • She's very funny
  • She's very helpful
  • She takes lots of photos
  • She takes us on holidays
  • She keeps old stuff.

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