Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Trove Tuesday - A Birthday Present

I'm not sharing articles from Trove this week but the story of a present that came to me because of Trove.

A couple of years ago we relocated from Sydney to Lake Macquarie. Since then I have wanting to learn about my new locality and its history. My son, who is also a fan of Trove, knew of this and searched through the images on Trove. He found some relevant to our location, talked to the people at Trove and arranged to have the images printed then framed for my last birthday in July.

I was overwhelmed not only with the present but with the time and thought that went into selecting something personal and relevant to my interests.  It has taken us a while to decide where to hang the images of local estate plans and maps that include one of the original sale of the subdivision on which our home sits.We finally put them on our landing where they will be seen and appreciated by everyone who visits our new home.

Thankyou, Jonathon, Joanne and family for this sensational gift.


Margaret said...

Wow, what a thoughtful gift, Jill. And welcome home after your many adventures.

Margaret said...
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