Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Comfortable outside the Comfort Zone

 It's now two weeks since I moved out of my comfort zone in Genealand and presented a talk on The Joys of History Blogging to a group of Australian History enthusiasts at a local U3A Group.

I was made most welcome by the Group's leaders and as the presentation was in a venue at Hornsby Library with which I am most familiar my nerves flew out the door prior to the presentation.

U3A presentation at Hornsby Library
Many of the 50+ people at the gig had little or now knowledge of blogs and what a useful resource they could be for the reader, researcher and writer. It was pleasing to see how well the talk was received but it was also a little disappointing that, until now, so many people did not have any idea of useful blogs could be in their study of Australian History.


Patsy said...

I'd love a transcript of your talk Jill, is that possible? I'm about to give a workshop at the Society of Genealogists here in London and anything I can tell them about blogging would be useful.

GeniAus said...

If you let me know your email address I will send you my handout.


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