Thursday, June 8, 2017

GeneaBloggersTRIBE - Answering your questions

I received this comment when I promoted the GeneabloggersTRIBE in a FB Genealogy blogger group downunder. 

"can I ask some naive questions?  Ask away, but these are not naive questions, they are questions that more than one person would like to have answered. 

I will preface my answers with a reminder that our GeneabloggersTRIBE Leadership Team is very new and only had around ten days to get organised for the changeover of Geneabloggers assets on June 1. While some roles have been allocated we are still familiarising ourselves with resources, assigning roles and discussing policies and procedures for the Group. We are using a variety of tools for this including Facebook Groups, Google Docs and Sheets and  Trello (Loving this new tool for me).

How does GeneaBloggersTRIBE work?
Your leadership team is a group of  bloggers from diverse backgrounds (there are two Aussies - one young, one old) who are passionate about geneablogging as a collaborative publishing platform. We encourage all Geneabloggers to join our TRIBE.

The expressed purpose of GeneaBloggers now GeneabloggersTRIBE is to:
  • support genealogy bloggers including content-providers on a variety of platforms
  • share information on resources
  • permit free use of fM’s several logo graphics among members expressing solidarity
  • exclude commercial advertising
  • disallow corporate ownership
GeneabloggersTRIBE exists to support and encourage bloggers just like you. We do this by providing helpful resource links, daily blogging prompts, blogiversaries, spotlights with an eye to new and emerging content-providing technologies.

Do you apply to become a member if you are a blogger? 
You can apply to join our closed Facebook Group, ,where you can say g'day, ask questions and share news of interest to other geneabloggers.

Or do you just ask to be added to the blog roll? 
You will be able to list blogs via GeneabloggerTRIBE site and they will appear there on our Members List shortly (we are working on this). To join the Members List please fill out and submit this form.

Are there any eligibility requirements such as posting at least once a month or actively writing a blog for x no of years? 
We don't have any restrictions but would encourage you to be an active blogger ie don't let your blog languish for more than a year.

Are there any costs?
If you are a member are you supposed to be doing something to contribute? 
The only costs we require are your commitment and interest. There a a number of ways you can contribute. 

If so, what kinds of things? 
We recognise that it's  a busy world but you might contribute by blogging, placing our badge on your blog, telling fellow geneabloggers about our TRIBE, supporting fellow bloggers by reading, liking and commenting on their posts and sharing any good resources you find in our Facebook Group.

Sorry, I still consider myself new to blogging though I have seen the GeneaBloggers logo around and knew that Thomas MacEntee was heavily involved (though I know he has now moved on). 
Yes, Thomas handed over many of the Geneabloggers assets to our group of volunteers while he pursues his business interests. 

But, to tell you the truth, coming from the outside, I'm still rather vague as to what it is all about. I read the "About Us" on the site but I couldn't figure out how I, as an amateur blogger, may or may not fit in except as a passive consumer of the resources. Sorry to be so dense. Do you have a "call to arms" page or something for newbies? Thanks! "
You can be a passive consumer but we encourage you to become involved in the ways suggested above.

Thank you for asking these questions. I hope that my responses have provided some clarification for you. It's early days yet but our Leadership Team is in daily contact with each other as we plot the GeneabloggersTRIBE path into the future.

Geneablogging will thrive in our TRIBE.

NB These are my personal responses and may not adequately answer all your questions.


Family Fractals said...

Thanks for answering all of my naive questions, Jill! It sounds like a great initiative and can't wait to get involved. I have let my blog 'languish' for a bit but I've been working hard and I've now got a few new posts ready to go!

Jana Iverson Last said...


I want to let you know that your awesome blog post is listed in today's Genealogy Fab Finds post at

Have a great weekend!

Murfomurf said...

Hi there, I've recently decided to add a genealogy thread to my general Wordpress blog (I also have a Public Health blog on Blogger that is in abeyance since my career in the field petered out). I thought I would detail some of the curly paths I have followed in researching some of my familiy ties online, navigating poorly spelled names and mysterious birthplaces. Does this sound as though it could be included in the group blogs? I belong to several Facebook genealogy groups and have helped out a lot of people there, as they have helped me. Although I have First Fleeter, First Ashore ancestors on my mother's side, these have been done to death as far as I'm concerned and I wouldn't be blogging about them, although I could answer questions! No worries if you are seeking more specific blogging. :-)

GeniAus said...

Kay, GeneabloggersTRIBRE welcomes anyone who published on a genealogy theme. Please join the FB Group (and do answer our questions) and l8st your blog via the GBT website.


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