Tuesday, June 6, 2017

101 Reasons to attend #congress_2018 - Troveites (A Trove Tuesday Post)

Trove, our nation's treasure, never lets me down.

This week I decided to kill a few birds with one stone and give this post a dual purpose as firstly a 101 Reasons post and secondly as a Trove Tuesday post.

So what, you ask is a TroveiteTrove provided me with some answers but wasn't able to give me a definition for Troveite, I happen to know who coined the term. Take a look at the Troveictionary to see who it was. That the Library Currants blog isn't preserved on Pandora is a shame, I will nominate it forthwith.

The definition put forward by Carmel in her Troveictionary is troveite n. one addicted to Trove

In this article Trove at 5:are we there yet by Dr Marie-Louise Ayres there is a description of the average Troveite.

Troveites also got a mention in the Libraries Australia Newsletter that is preserved in Pandora

There is also a link to Troveite in a blog post of mine.

If you love and are addicted to Trove you may find some soulmates at Congress. Hopefully the people from Trove will have a stand in the exhibition space where you can lavish them with thanks and praise.

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