Friday, March 31, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 31 March 2017

The break I took form GeniAus' Gems ballooned from a two week break around Rootstech time to something much longer. I have spent quite a bit of time this week catching up on my blog reading and I've selected a few posts to share with you.

While I have read some really good posts from the past couple of months I have restricted my selections for this week to posts written in the past week with the exception of a couple that mention the 2017 AtoZ Blogging Challenge (I'm participating over at my jillballau blog). I'd love to hear of other genies who are taking up the challenge.

1. Jennifer has taken up the challenge.

2. And so has Sandra.

3. Thanks for sharing this message Alona. Sadly it often falls on deaf ears.

4. Congratulations to Lilian who is progressing with her project.

5. I caught up on all Shauna's recent posts. Here is the latest.

6. Or a face like Phar Lap.

7. Jess offers some guidance for West Austraian research.

8. Listen to Jenny Joyce's latest podcast.

9. And hear what Jenny Joyce has to say about genetic communities.

10. Nola is a collaborator.

New to Me Blogs

Gengenaus -

The Landfill Chronicles - an hilarious blog from my genimate Amy -

A Scottish Farmer’s Ride Through England…100 Years Ago’ -

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