Sunday, March 26, 2017

Back on Board

Those of you who are my Facebook friends will know that I was back on board a cruise ship for a few weeks this month and so my geneablogging suffered.

Mr GeniAus enjoyed our sojourn at sea where we journeyed from Auckland up to Singapore with about a dozen stops along the way, some old, some new. As lifelong learners we appreciate the opportunities cruising gives us to visit new lands and learn about people and places via the Smithsonian lecture program provided on board.

Our dear little ship, Seven Seas Navigator, in Akaroa, New Zealand
I got back into the swing of genealogy yesterday when I presented my Geneagoogling: effective Google searching talk at The Society of Australian Genealogists to a lively and responsive group. There were some familiar faces in the audience as well as folk who were new to me. It was pleasing to meet a couple of young genies at the session.

One of these genies, Nyree, mentioned that she has a blog. Of course I took a look at it on the way home and was impressed by its professional appearance. Do take a look at One Girl's Family History : an outlet for an obsession and leave a comment for Nyree. We need to encourage new, young geneabloggers.

I was chuffed when one familiar face chatted with me. It was Susan whom I had met through Wyong Family History Group. Susan is also a user of my favourite program Family Historian but it was something that Susan said that made me go all coy.

As a sometime genealogy presenter I often wonder if I have had any effect on the people who are in my audiences. Do they come along, listen, think that was interesting but then go about their business without taking on board any of things I have mentioned. Susan indicated that I had inspired her to put her information on the internet and that she had crested three websites following a workshop day I had presented at Wyong a couple of years ago.

Susan has used Weebly to post her family history data and stories on the internet. Take a look at her three sites:  Crust Family from QueenslandGlennan Family from Cooma and Andrews and Jones Families. I was absolutely chuffed to discover that someone had heeded my advice and created this wonderful trio of resources. I was even more thrilled when I read this in the about me page of one of Susan's sites " After attending a workshop on "Family History in the Modern Era", and being inspired by the presenter, Jill Ball, I decided to put my research on the internet. . It's a great way to share my family history research with family members and hopefully, the many photographs I've collected over the past 40 years will not be lost."

While I was at sea I received an invitation to present a program to the Forster Family History Advisory Group at The Great Lakes Library. I look forward to meeting the genies up on the north coast in November.

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Jenny said...

Thanks for discovering these new Genie bloggers Jill. Looking forward to reading their work. :)


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