Monday, March 27, 2017

Deadline Looming

As  serial procrastinator I need a deadline. Well, I have a task that is due tomorrow so for today it's nose to the grindstone.

I am easily distracted so, as I haven't moved any of my geneastuff, into this new geneacave the opportunities to be distracted are limited. There is always the temptation of the internet and a spot of Tangential Genealogy, my surname study, CurryAus, needs some attention and I need to schedule another slew of posts for the Geneadictionary.

I am also an on time freak and always try to meet a deadline or arrive with plenty of time to spare. So I will wish you adieu until my task is done.

No distractions in the new geneacave (but plenty of space for bookselves)
It won't ever be this tidy again!

It's close to the kitchen for coffee and coke
Post Script ...and I just got this message - tempting!

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