Friday, November 4, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 4 November 2016

From time to time I see articles about the demise of blogging but judging from the contents of my RSS feeds each week there's still a lot of blogging going on. Certainly blogs and bloggers come and go but there is a steady stream of interesting posts waiting for me each time I open my Inoreader account. Nearly each week I discover by some other social media channel a blog or two that were previously unknown to me.

Now it's time for me to delve into my saved selections and select a dozen or so to share with you.

1. My genteel self would like some of these.

2. Shelley has been further exploring her Ancestry hints.

3. When I visit a library I love to browse the shelves. Joan's browsing turned up this treasure.

4. We definitely need to borrow Otsukaresamadesu from the Japanese language.

5. Meet Pauleen - the Irish radio star.

6. Norman's place is always on the itinerary when we have overseas visitors

7. A comprehensive report from Debbie.

8. Congratulations to Tiphanee.

9. There are a lot of rabbits at our house. Maybe we need some cats.

10. So many of my genimates are also bibliophiles like Alex who has been playing Bingo.

11. Just like big institutions we have to plan for obsolescence.

12. And we can't ignore the First Tuesday in November.

New to Me


Alex Daw said...

Thank you for the mention Jill. As always an interesting bunch. I have adjusted my Ancestry preferences, read a great poem and found some new words to incorporate into my everyday chit chat. I particularly like natsukashii and ojama-shimasu

GeniAus said...

My pleasure Alex - I love your posts.

Debbie Kennett said...

Thanks for the mention Jill.


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