Friday, November 11, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 11 November 2016

As I'm going out on the town tomorrow I am preparing this post early  and as a result it won't include any posts published after 4pm Thursday.

Many of the post I share appeal to me because they remind me of places I visited as a child.

1. I remember swimming here.

2. And we had many family picnics here.

3. Our convict ancestors enjoyed this menu!

4. You can explore this collection on your device.

5. These adjectives may enhance your writing.

6. Use copyrighted images at your peril.

7. Kerryn's ancestor didn't swim.

8. Nana and Pop's story discovered.

9. Fran joined the Genealogy Photo a Day Challenge

As it's Remembrance Day here are a couple of military themed posts

10. Canada Bay Memorials.

11. A film to view.

12. An Irish Airman forsees his death.


crgalvin said...

As always, a useful and entertaining collection of links. Thank you.

GenieJen said...

Thanks for listing the Westgarthtown film about the men who served in WW1 which is a wonderful film.
Anyone with German ancestry in Melb, would enjoy a visit on one Sun a month to a well preserved 1850's farmhouse out at Thomastown. It was built by the Ziebell family from local volcanic rock, I don't know how they lifted such huge stones to make the walls. Check out the Westgarthtown website.

TravelGenee said...

Jill, thanks for including me this time around. I enjoy your list each week! Fran


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