Saturday, November 19, 2016

Geneart - Not for sale

For our Family History Group meetings our local library allows us to use their Main Meeting Room. Another function of this room is to provide an exhibition space for local artists and organisations.

This week there was an exhibition of  woolly pictures (sorry I didn't read the detailed description of the works).  As we were clearing up one of the fellow members drew our attention to one of the works which one could describe as Geneart (a new word for the Geneadictionary.

As some of the works were for sale I thought I might buy it but it was listed as Not for Sale. As I thought it was cute even kitschy I took a photo so that I could share it with you.

Do you have any pieces of Geneart?


John Sparrow said...

Wondered what a "geneadcitionary" - something to cite sources. But then realised it was misspelt for geneadictionary

GeniAus said...

Thanks John. Will amend.


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