Friday, January 22, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 22 January 2016

It's hot, hot hot in Sydney at the moment so the weather has kept me indoors with plenty of time for blog reading and watching tennis.

Once I subscribe to a blog in my RSS I don't delete it from my list unless the blogger lets the readers know tha the blog is either moving or being discontinued. I can highly recommend the RSS application I use, Inoreader, which is similar to the old Google Reader that many of us loved. It was pleasing to see a post pop up this week from a blogger who hadn'twritten anything for a year.

Here are my biased selections for the past week. My first two articles are from public library local history blogs... worth following if there are blogs from your areas of interest.

1. I didn't realise that Fairfield was a summertime playground

2. Several lucky escapes for Cecil

3. A library salutes an employee.

4. Super sleuthing from Lenore.

5. Lois follows some Ancestry hints.

6. A coincidence for Caitlin.

7. Janine's leafy replacement.

8. Some tips from James for travellers to Stockholm.

9. Thanks Kate but can I find time to do this?

10. James will be celebrating Australia Day.

11. Andew remembers his granadmother.

12. Shauna's latest news. (from a must follow blog)

13. Carole asks "Did your ancestors follow the gold"?

New to Me Blogs

Pauline Conolly
A Grave Interest


Lois Willis said...

Thanks for including me in your GeniAus Gems this week.

GeniAus said...

I'm enjoying your posts Lois.


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