Friday, January 1, 2016

Eeks - It's only four weeks away

A message in my email box last night gave me quite a jolt.

It's a timely reminder that I had better get my act together for my Rootstech adventure as I will arrive in Salt Lake City just four weeks from today.

Am I prepared? Yes and No. As a Rootstech veteran  I know what to pack and the ins and outs of getting around once I arrive in Utah.

Last Year I published my Rootstech checklist five months out from the conference :  I haven't really thought about it for 2016 (I see another blog post coming soon).

As a Rootstech Ambassador I have fulfilled most of my obligations so far and have lined up a couple of victims for video interviews.

As a Rootstech Presenter I need to do a more work - ie communicate and collaborate with my co-presenters to create some scenarios for discussion in our session. As we hail from four different countries we use a Google Doc to discuss our ideas. Once we are set on scenarios I will put our slideshow together.

Are you ready for Rootstech?

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