Sunday, January 31, 2016

It really does snow in Salt Lake City

I'm on my sixth visit to Salt Lake City, Utah, and my fifth for the  Rootstech Conference. I have seen lots of snow on the mountains around Salt Lake and plenty of snow out at Park City and other places I have visited in Utah but I have only seen a tiny little flurry fall from the sky here.

From my window this morning
I can report that snow in Salt Lake is not a myth. When I woke around 10 am I opened my curtains to a beautiful view of the Winter Wonderland (made we think of Bing).

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

I decided that it was best not to walk the block and a half to the Family History Library for research  especially after the bellhop told me to be careful and the concierge told me to stay warm. I took the safe option and spent the afternoon indulging in some retail therapy in the City Creek Center right next to the hotel.

From the elevator lobby - I didn't have to walk far to get to the mall
City Creek is a real creek
Macy's from the sky bridge in the mall
I hadn't even reached Macy's front door when I heard an English voice shout "Jill". It was Kirsty Gray, fellow Rootstech Ambassador and head honcho of FamilyWise in the UK. She had with her an associate, Sylvia Valentine. After Kirsty (of the long arms) took a selfie we firmed up arrangements for our dinner tonight and went our separate ways.

Jill, Sylvia, Kirsty
Prior to shopping I fortified myself with a brunch of Panini from Kneaders then I visited Macy's and a few other retail establishments. 

More manageable than lst night's sandwich

Who could resist?
I got a warm welcome back to the hotel from the bellhop. On arrival back at the hotel I shed a few layers (ie woollen singlet) that I did not need inside the very warm interiors of  places visited. Can you believe that some folk were wandering around in tshirts - on a snowy day!
I didn't get lost
En route to Caffe Molise
My home for the next nine nights (taken outside Caffe Molise)
After I arrived back from dinner with Kirsty and Sylvia at Caffe Molise I settled down to compose this blog post but got a Facebook message that read "Where are you?". It was from Roger Moffat  to let me know he and Lisa were about to walk past my hotel. I've just spent an hour catching up with this beaut couple.

It's already crazy busy here so from this day forward my blog posts may just consist of photos and captions.

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Anonymous said...

Just what I did not want. Cold weather. Already had a cough and don't want it to get worse. See you soon.


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