Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spit and Wait

Thanks to I was given an opportunity to test my DNA with their service that has recently been launched in Australia. 

Ancestry say "AncestryDNA looks at autosomal DNA. Autosomal DNA tests, unlike Y- or mtDNA tests, survey a person’s entire genome at over 700,000 locations where genetic markers that identify an individual typically appear. Plus, autosomal DNA tests look at both maternal and paternal lines, meaning discoveries come from both sides of your family tree.". 

As I often jump in feet first I accepted the invitation and my kit arrived promptly in a pretty bag.  I opened it and took a look but because I had a cold/chest infection I didn't rush into things. As I was tidying up prior to my holiday I thought I should do the spit even though I was still a bit poorly. 

The Ancestry DNA  test uses a sample of saliva while the FamilyTreeDNA test I did earlier in the year required a cheek swab. I found it much easier to spit than to scrape.

Anyway I spat and now I am waiting patiently for my results. I did however record a few happy snaps for those who may be curious about the process - it was a breeze. I also set up a public tree on Ancestry with just my direct lines in anticipation of finding some new unknown cousins. Ancestry uses one's tree as a means of connecting cousins.

The Box

The Grand Opening

Under the Instructions

The sealed collection vial

Prior to breaking it open

I read the instructions

Even I could follow them

I registered the kit online

I did the spit

Vial filled to squiggly line as directed

Sealed up ready for posting to Ireland for testing
How easy was that! You too can do the big spit - details here.  

So that you can get a discount on this test it might be wise to wait until Ancestry have a special as they often do.

Disclaimer AncestryDNA provided me with a complimentary DNA testing kit

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Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I did my spit at RootsTech and didn't have to wait long for results. I actually preferred the scrape option as I had to work to fill the spit tube. Happy to have options with both Family Tree DNA and Ancestry. Worth mentioning that those who test with Ancestry can also have their results uploaded to FT DNA for about $40.


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