Saturday, June 27, 2015

Six GBP for Online Membership - I'm in

I'm thinking about my Bucks ancestors today. John Tucker, a butcher from Datchet, was transported to Australia in 1824 per Hercules II. Jon's parents and siblings were butchers in Datchet until the mid 1850s. I'd love to be able to find more information on John and his family so thought I'd plan for a visit to the Bucks FHS in the future.

I wondered if I should join this Society so I checked out their various membership catagories.  I found something there that appealed to me, On-line Membership until 31 Dec 2015 ; "On-line membership will give you access to the members only sections of the Society website and the right to attend meetings and vote at the AGM. You will not receive copies of Origins, the Society magazine by post but will be able to read/download a copy on-line in the members only section of the website". 

This category of membership is less than half the cost of overseas membership - I can do without printed magazines to save 8 GBP Pounds on the membership subscription.

What a great idea this is! For just 6 GBP I can check the Society's online databases to see if they have any Tucker leads for me to follow.

Family History Societies that have local databases available online could follow Bucks FHS and offer a new category of online membership  tht would attract genies like me.

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Unknown said...

I completely agree Jill. Most of the benefits of being a member of a society (attending meetings, educational talks, joining SIGs, visiting the society, etc) can't be taken advantage of by genealogists who live overseas (or even interstate). Cornwall & Sussex both have extensive online resources & Cornwall also offers a discounted membership for those who prefer to receive digital copies of their journal. This would also be an attractive option for joining societies in other Australian states as well.

On the other side of the spectrum, I've been trying to get in touch with a particular family history society in England. They have their baptisms on CD & have recently announced that it's been updated but their online shop seems to be broken & the person receiving emails must also be on holiday. This is a real shame because I've found that there is limited access the parish records for this county through Ancestry, Family Search, etc (well at least it is for my ancestors).


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