Monday, June 15, 2015

Which way up?

I admit to being a slow learner.

After years of wrestling with USB connections as I try to insert them right way up into their slots on my devices I have finally learnt how to do it first time.

Bottom  of one of my USB connectors
I didn't know that the bottom of the connector has a seam while the top is smooth. EASY?

The number of expletives I utter is now bound to drop.


Jenny Mackay said...

That's too funny! Not! Who knew? I usually look in the end to see where the opening is, but, that doesn't always work as some have been put in upside down. Now to start plugging the right way!

Barbara J Starmans said...

Handy tip unless your computer has all the USB ports in a vertical position like my new one. But I believe I've solved the problem of which way the USB goes. It is always the OTHER way!

Melbourne MOD said...

I just marked the UPside of all of them with a felt tip pen - gold/silver works. I like to think that copying to a USB will save me from losing a decade of Fam Hist in the event of computer fritz.

Unknown said...

I endorse Jenny's comment... Good info

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I had a chuckle when I read this at posting because you're such a tech guru...I thought I'd been the only one to muddle it up. Eventually I figured my own way to determine it...the squares on the right side are more open.


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