Sunday, June 14, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 13 June 2015

Busy times here as Mr GeniAus and I get ready for our next adventure. Tonight we are enjoying out last "babysiting opportunity" before we set off. Once we get our little charges off to bed I can drag out my little computer and catch up on blogging and social media activities. If the children's parents arrive home before I finish this post I will have to publish it tomorrow. Let's see how I go....

1. Sharn shares another family story.

2. Useful tips for those (like me) heading to the Western Front. 

7. A NSW resource is digitised.

The parents came home and relieved us of our now it's Sunday morning.

9. World War 1 stuff is fascinating me at the moment, thanks Victoria.

10. Welcome back Lee-Ann who is returning to blogging after a long break.

11. I'll look at letters differently from now on.

12. An honour for Johnnie's Dad (follow the link to read his full bio).

For the next couple of months GAGs posts may be spasmodic as I may be otherwise engaged.....but I will return.

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