Sunday, October 19, 2014


Stacey, one of my friends in the library world, posted this tweet this morning.

Stacey's Tweet 19/10/2014

As a lover of alliteration I hooked onto those three words used by Tony Wagner as he was talking to a group of teachers at a recent conference in the US.

Play-passion-purpose seems to sum up my motivation for exploring genealogy and technology.

I love to Play around with new software, techtoys and apps but aimless play doesn't give me great satisfaction.

I have a Passion for genealogy and family history which gives a Purpose to my Play. Without that Passion and Purpose I doubt that I would enjoy my Play so much.


crgalvin said...

Somes it up in a nutshell, exactly how I think! I add an extra p for purchase, the previous 3ps are the excuse for the purchase of new tech goodies and apps.

GeniAus said...

Ouch - that Purchase often hurts.


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