Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Answer for Evelyn

Mr GeniAus, my friends and family members have an inflated opinion of my expertise in genealogy matters and often refer questions to me that are outside my sphere of expertise (which is quite limited).

I have been helping out an old friend from my church youth club days with basic help. She compiles a list of questions and contacts me every few months to share her finds and seek guidance. Among her questions this week she wanted to know where she could go to print out family tree charts.  As she uses Legacy software I suggested she see what Tessa Keough has shared on Youtube to see if there are any answers there.
Evelyn - Church Youth Club Picnic 1968
Preparing a chart for printing at Officeworks or the like might be a challenge for Evelyn so I want to suggest other option. I also mentioned Janet Hovorka, The Chart Chick, in Utah who has loads of expertise in printing charts, I guess she would post to Australia.There was also a lady in Canberra who offered this service but, as meeting her was before my Evernote days, I don't have her contact details.

I was flipping through Gould Genealogy's latest catalogue that arrived during the week and I found an advertisement for Professional Chart Printing from MyHistory in the UK that is linked to Gould Digital Printing in Australia.  On this page of their website they give instructions for saving your chart so you can upload it for them to print.

Have you any other suggestions for Evelyn?


Kerryn Taylor said...

Jill I nominated you for this award

Unknown said...

Great topic Jill!
Also try calling your local drafting/architect plan printers, as you may be able to email them your pdf file or take it in on USB for them to print. Some may also have continuous roll printers.

Infolass said...

Hi Jill,

Cyndislist includes a category for charts and forms - vendors


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