Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beaut day on Wednesday

I travelled to Baulkham Hills Branch Library last Wednesday to present a talk on online resources for family history. I was rather nervous about doing this talk as a friend of fifty years standing announced a couple of days prior announced that she was coming along to hear me. Now talking to a room of strangers is daunting enough but speaking in front of someone who is close to me always sets the nerves going.But it was okay, my friend reckons that I didn't show any signs of nervousness. 

It was a small but enthusiastic audience who came along, all were eager to learn and most contributed during the lively session. Antonella, the librarian who looked after me was a great ambassador for hr library and I thank her for organising the event and for the morning tea provided. That was a nice surprise.

My aims for this event was to make attendees aware of the value of online resources for research and to share some resources they may not have used. I was so pleased , when I returned home to receive the following email:

"Just a brief note to say thanks for your talk at Baulkham Hills Library yesterday. It was superb. 
As a definite amateur , your talk filled in a lot of gaps for me. Some sites were old favourites but many were new ....and interesting! I love the stories that I find. The names and dates are good but it is the stories, choices and gossip that fascinate me. 
Warm regards"

It is pleasing to know I hit the mark with at least one attendee.

After the talk my schoolfriend and I adjourned to a local coffee shop for a bit of one on one tuition. She has been gatheirng family history dates and documents for many years and, now she is retired, has decided that it is time to get organised. On my suggestion she had downloaded Family Historian software and has been inputting data but she needed help with a couple of functions. I really enjoyed showing her how to import multimedia items into her database, how to add fields to and sort the columns in the record screen and how to set up named list. It was so much fun to sit and teach such an enthusiastic and smart learner.

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