Monday, October 6, 2014

Come and see the real thing....

I've been quiet for a day or two! 

Since I bought my new 4TB hard drive I have spent a bit of time tidying up my files especially my "Sorting" folder.  One of the files I found was for one of Mr Geniaus' relatives, Francis Jollie Gowans, who was an officer in the Royal Navy. 

When I was in England in June I paid a visit to The National Archives where I downloaded some digital files and ordered and copied some original records.

This is the record I requested : ADM 340/281. Francis' folder contains over 40 pages of letters, reports and documents. There is a wealth of genealogical information in this file, it is going to take me an hour or two to extract all of the information and enter it into my database. As Francis isn't a direct ancestor this is not high on my priority list.

ADM 340/281
I have, however cliped a couple of snippets from the file to share here on this blog.

Regal Appontment
Photo from Francis' file

Reflecting on my vist to The National Archives I am reminded of Russell Morris' song:

"Come and see the real thing, come and see the real thing, come and see 
Come and see the real thing, come and see the real thing, come and see"

Access to online resources is convenient and easy but there's nothing like the Real Thing.

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