Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Slightly off topic

I got some excellent comments on my recent post "How do you react?".

It's interesting to see what people reacted to in my post that I intended to ask how people interact with each other on Google+.

I asked these questions of my readers:

"Have I got it all wrong? What percentage of posts in yor stream do you read? Do you regularly hand out plusses and comments? What are your criteria for giving plusses and comments?  Do you feel that most people miss the point about two-way communication via social media? Should my genealogy contact and I give up on posting?"

What I discovered from the comments is that:

* Others don't use Google+ at all or as heavily as I do (I need to convert them!)

* People appreciate my blog posts  - THANK YOU

* Several readers subscribe to my blog via email (that made me find out who does subscribe by email - I had never looked this up)

* It is difficult to comment on a blog post if one reads it in a reader or isn't logged into Google all the time (like me) 

I am still wondering how people react to posts on Google+. Perhaps it isn't as relevant as I think (or wish) it is.


Rosemary said...

I haven't bothered with Google+ because between FaceBook, keeping up with the blogs I subscribe to, and working on the G2G boards on WikiTree there isn't enough hours in the day.

Merron Riddiford said...

I'm bit a like Rosemary. I'm only using Google+ to post on my blog's Google+ page but I don't get the hits from it as I do from the equivalent Facebook page. I think this is mostly because my target audience don't use Google+. However my Google+ page stats say I've had over 6,000 views to the page, so someone must be reading it.
As far as finding blogs to read myself, while I have little time for that at that moment, those that I like to read regularly, such as yours Jill, are on RSS feed, so I never miss a post.
My main gripe with Google+ is that is the slowest loading site that I use, no matter which browser I use, and it drives me mad.

ScotSue said...

An interesting topic, Jill. I have often wondered what other bloggers regard as a "good" number of comments on a posting. I have only recently signed up to Google+ and must admit I have not found the time to use it fully. I rely on my Blogger Reading List to identify posts that interest me and that I comment on. Perhaps a controversial point, but I must admit to disappointment in the level of feedback on the new Worldwide Genealogy Blog. With only 30 contributors a month, I was expecting that a close network would develop (as on the very different Sepia Saturday blog), but apart from the first month, this has not happened. I realise that many bloggers are very busy people, but it is noticeable now 6 months on, that many posts either get none or very few comments to what are often thought-provoking and serious issues. I have to accept that sometimes my posts may not have much wide appeal, but I very much appreciate the comments I do receive and do my best likewise to respond to fellow bloggers. It would be interesting to know what others feel on this topic.

Laren said...

I like Google+ and use it alot. But it is a much smaller user base than Facebook and I think for the hard core users. The other thing is, that some users only share privately (yes, I'm looking at you Jill!) which means I can't share their posts, I can only + or comment. I think to get the most you need your posts to be shareable.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I don't use G+ for blog reading rather do it through Feedly. trying to rationalise how much social media I use daily.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Forgot to say I love comments and always try to respond. I have been remiss in reading, and writing, lately but trying to get back on track. I give "likes" when the post speaks to me or has great content but I don't feel I have much to add in a comment....or the system with Captcha is being a pain.


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