Monday, July 14, 2014

Rootstech Countdown

Just realised that it's less than six months until I board The Flying Kangaroo for my journey to Salt Lake City for Rootstech 2015. This year I will be travelling by myself (unless Mr GeniAus changes his mind), I will miss Mr GeniAus my fetch and carry personal assistant but am confident I can go it alone.

I remember just how nervous I was when I travelled to Salt Lake City in 2011 for the first Rootstech. I had never been overseas by myself  and I was so petrified about not knowing anyone once I hit Salt Lake City.

I did make a couple of errors on the first day. I got lost and missed the bus for a tour that had been arranged for the Official Bloggers. The instructions included some north, south, east or west directions, well as there was no sun in evidence and I was from south of the equator I was totally flummoxed. I wrote about this here.

Thankfully when I took a wrong turn en route to the bloggers dinner that evening I was able to phone Paul Nauta from Familysearch who set me on the right course. Once I arrived at the dinner all my fears of loneliness flew out the window as I was welcomed by Geneabloggers Amy Coffin and the late Joan Miller. Shipley Munson from Familysearch was a dinner companion who entertained us with stories of his role as Tenor 13 in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I wrote about that here.

What I realised after that first evening (and the helpful hints I got from other bloggers before I left Australia) was that I should have had no concerns about being overwhelmed. I was warmly welcomed by the geneablogger and genealogy community I met during my stay and have forged lasting online and in person friendships with many of them.

I met Thomas MacEntee for the first time at Rootstech 2011
If you are considering making your first trip to Rootstech DO IT. You will be assured of a warm welcome by the many people you will meet there.


Alona Tester said...

The countdown to RootsTech 2015 is definately ON. I though recently how quickyl it is coming. I look forward to seeing you there again Jill.

Caitie G said...

I absolutely cannot wait to meet you and everyone :D
I feel like it is forever away right now but I am sure next year will come around quickly.
I am probably going to be overwhelmed :P Expect lots of blog posts and videos about my preparation for my first Rootstech.

Hilary Gadsby said...

It will be great to finally meet in person.

GeniAus said...

Wow - three of my foreign mates are going - I hope there will be more.


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