Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trove Tuesday

There are just too many tweets on Twitter for me to see all that is posted to my stream. This morning I thought I'd see what is happening in the world of genealogy so I searched the hashtag #genealogy to see what was doing.

A tweet from my genimate, Deb Ruth, caught my eye:

After following the link in the Tweet , I retweeted Deb's tweeet.

The article was about Trove and the newspapers from the Bega region that have been digitised and are now available for searching. So what's so unusual about this?   Deb is a genealogist from the United States; I thought it ironic that I was learning about an Australian resource via a connection in the US. 

Ahh! The power of social media.

Also interesting is that the lady pictured in the article is named Margaret Sly. I wonder if she is a distant cousin as I have quite a few Sly people in my database and some of them come from Bega!


Alex Daw said...

That's very funny Jill ;)

Sharon said...

Technology has made it such a small world!


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