Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hanging Out

When Google Hangouts on Air were announced I knew that I just had to use this service to connect with other genealogists. Because I have spent more than half of the past year travelling I haven't had much time to explore this service. I have dabbled in Hangouts with mixed success, sometimes I see a picture, sometimes I see a black screen and sometimes my connection drops out over and over again.

Ready to hangout
I took part in my first Hangout on Air with Dear Myrtle in Salt Lake City in March. I have since Inside History Magazine and by myself. Hopefully I've ironed out a few bugs; I have purchased a new USB headset and have tried connecting via my wireless modem which seems to give a better connection than my ADSL service. This morning tried to connect with Fiona Tellesson's planned Hangout. Due to technical issues Fiona couldn't go ahead at the advertised time but so has rescheduled for next Saturday. I hope to join her then.
been practising with Ben from

I have a couple of people lined up for interviews using the Google Hangouts on Air service; I keep getting positive feedback about the interviews I did at Rootstech 2013 and would like to add to the collection I have on Youtube; Hangouts seem to be a perfect medium for this. Hopefully I can get these going. If you would like to Hangout with me please let me know and I will make a time to speak with you.

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Sheri Fenley said...

Hi Jill - It's me, Sheri Fenley. We finally met in person last March in Salt Lake city.

The NGSQ Article Discussion group that I am in uses Google Hangout for our monthly chats and we love it! It is so much better to have a live discussion when you can see the other person's face!

I am also in Dear Myrtle's Mastering Genealogical Proof Group and we meet every Sunday using Hangout on Air as we work through the chapters in the book.

I sit on a couple of different boards for genealogy societies and we use hangouts for board meetings on occasion.

You do know that you can use hangouts kind of like SKYPE. Just to have a one-on-one chat to catch up - no recording.


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