Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feeling the Love - Responses to The Bloggers' Geneameme

Overnight I had some responses to the geneameme I posted yesterday evening and some comments and promises from others on social media who will complete the meme in the near future.

An unexpected bonus is that I discovered a new to me Australian blog, Anne's family history, that I have now added to my RSS feed reader. I am impressed that I already have responses from England and Canada. Julie from England got an idea while completing the exercise and is proposing a Global Genealogy blog that you can read about here. THANK YOU ALL.

Whenever I set a challenge like a geneameme I have moments of self-doubt. Will anyone respond to my meme? Will people think that the idea is silly? Do the questions appear shallow? In addition to satisfying my curiosity about others who blog the purpose behind this Geneameme is to give bloggers an opportunity to indulge in a spot of reflection. I hope that this meme encourages them to stop and reflect on their geneablogging activities.

Perhaps my idea is silly and the questions shallow but, this morning, I have been buoyed by the responses and comments from members of the Geneabloggers community. Following is a list of those who have responded to the geneameme. I will continue to add links as I am notified so please come back to this post again (and again).

Jill Ball Geniaus
Boobook  Backtracking
Pauleen Cass  Cassmob
Janelle Collins Janelle's Family Tree Addiction
Jason W Crews  Genealogy Sphere
Alex Daw Family Tree Frog
Daniel Dillman Indiana Dillmans
Sue Donaldson Family History Fun
Erin Know their Stories
Sharon F Strong Foundations
Frances A Rebel Hand
Julie Goucher Angler's Rest
Caitlin Gow Genealogically Speaking
Sara Greenleaf  My Mouse is Broken
Karin Hadden The Art of Genealogy
Charles Hansen Mikkel's Hus
Shauna Hicks  SHHE Genie Rambles
Julie Family Tree of the Silverstein and Waters Family
Louis Kessler Louis Kessler's Behold Blog
Emily Kowalski-Bellan The Spiralling Chains: The Kowalski Bellan Family Trees
Elizabeth LaPointe Genealogy Canada responded by email. Have sought permission to share her answers.
Melody Lasalle The Research Journal
Celia Lewis Twigs and Trees
Sharon Muffett  Gathering Dust
Kathleen Scarlett O'Hara Naylor  You are where you came from
Merron Riddiford My Western District Families
Delbert Ritchard Del's Genealogy Ramblings
Randy Seaver GeneaMusings
Eileen A. Souza Old Bones
Alona Tester Lonetester HQ
Jackie van Bergen Jax Trax
Bill West West in New England
Sharn White  Family History 4U
Anne Young Anne's Family History

And a Food Blogger took the meme and adapted it for Food Bloggers
Jenny Cookbook Fetish

If I have missed any geneameme responses please let me know ( and I will add them to this list. 


Merron Riddiford said...

Mine is coming. A child home from school today is slowing me down.

GeniAus said...

So is mine, Merron. Frequent interruptions from Mr Geniaus disrupting my geneactivities.

Louis Kessler said...


I've got mine up now at:


Sharon said...

I made it before the end of the month!

GenXalogy said...

Hi Jill,
Mine is right here:

The Art of Genealogy said...

Hi Jill,

Thanks for creating this exercise. Here's my link:


GeniAus said...

A couple of weeks down the track and I am still getting responses. Thanks all.

ScotSue said...

A very belated response to your post, Jill, but I hope it is not too late. Here is my link


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