Saturday, February 23, 2013

Social Media Panel

I am so cranky with myself.

I didn't think to record the audio from the Social Media Panel I moderated on the 3rd Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise so  I have no record (apart from my dottery memory) of the responses that were made to the questions I posed.

I couldn't have wished for better panelists than Shauna Hicks, Louis Kessler, Helen Smith and Alona Tester who shared their thoughts and opinions with the disappointingly small audience we had for this session. Because of the panelists' contributions and the differnet format this was one of the best sessions on the cruise program (IMHO). Quite a few who were there asked if can it be repeated in 2014.

L-R Louis, Shauna, Alona, Helen

In the meantime I have realised that the questions I posed would make a good little Geneameme so I will  get around to posting that soon and hope to hear how you would answer the questions.


Jackie van Bergen said...

What a shame so few went to this - I would have come. Maybe next cruise!?

GeniAus said...

Maybe I'm being over dramatic - as we were in the big theatre the audience looked small from out front.

Alona Tester said...

Thank you for the opportunity Jill (even it was my first time in front of people with a microphone) I did enjoy it. And I do believe that those that were there thought it was great, as did the other panelists too.


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