Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pre Rootstech Activities

The Talk we attended in 2012
If you are arriving early for Rootstech 2013 you may be interested in the program of free talks at The Family History Library

Mr Geniaus and I went to a great one prior to Rootstech 2012. From memory we put our names down on an attendance list when we first visited the library.

Program details can be found here:

I'll certainly be doing some learning at the library prior to Rootstech. How about you?


Audrey Collins said...

Great idea Jill - there's more to the FHL than just burying yourself in the microfilms. This year the schedule includes 3 guest speakers from the UK (including me). My talk isn't listed in the online schedule yet, but I'm doing 'Lesser-known sources for births, marriages and deaths in the British Isles' on Wednesday 20 March

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Thanks for the tip! And thanks to Audrey for listing her class session. I'm interested in that one!


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