Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great Impromptu Session

After coming away from an impromptu session I organised tonight on the 3rd Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise I am stoked..

As we had a free evening I asked any genies who were interested in books if they would like to join me for a book "Show and Tell" in the Conference Centre after dinner. I was thrilled that more than 20 people joined me to share details of their favourite genealogy/history books.

What a bunch of passionate people they were with such great stories and fantastic titles to share. I was nearly in a state of permanent goose-pimpledness as the genies gave details of their favourite tomes and some told of the relevance of the titles to their family stories. They have asked that this sort of session be included on future UTP Cruises.

Thank you to all those who joined me and made this such a satisfying and enjoyable session. I will put together a list of the books discussed and share it on this blog once I return home and I can gather together the bibliographic details of the books shared.

I am getting a little weary after giving nine presentations to date (and wiht two more to go) but I wouldn't have missed the cruise - it has been an amazing experience. I am excited that I will be joining the 4th UTP Cruise in February next year with Thomas MacEntee and Chris Pation. How good will that be?


Jackie van Bergen said...

Well done! the book group sounds great - maybe something we can get going back at KHS? That's if you have any energy left when you get back.
Enjoy your last few floating days :)

Tracing Ancestors, an a3Genealogy Partner said... all sounds so very fascinating. I would love to set in on the book group! Yes, 9 and 2 more to go is ambitious.

Audrey Collins said...

I'm really enjoying following you and other bloggers on the cruise, you busy lady. You obviously have your Duracell batteries in -as usual!

I'm still trying to get my head round the notion of you, Thomas and Chris all being on the same cruise next year - should be an absolute riot! Can't wait to follow the blogs on that one :-)

Infolass said...

I knew your "book club" idea would be a success. We have over 200 book groups affiliated with the Library service I work for - and no a bad idea to take back to our genie groups too! Well done and very much looking forward to your list

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Audrey's right, there'll be no power shortages on next year's trip! Did anyone record the book faves?

GeniAus said...

Yes. Pauleen, there'll be a post of faves once I check authors, titles etc.

GeniAus said...

Audrey, Heaven help Alan.

Sharon said...

Sorry that I didn't attend. I look forward to hearing the titles and authors in a future post.


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