Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Done and Dusted

Filed away in Evernote I had a little note listing my talks for the Unlock the Past History and Genealogy Cruise that leaves Sydney on Sunday.

Before I started doing my Powerpoints I just had that list staring at me. When I made a start I wrote Started  beside the title of the talk, when I was nearly done I wrote Nearly Completed  and when I finished I wrote Completed.  

Tonight I am dancing because I have completed all but one set of slides. I like to have just enough slides to get me through if technology fails and do live demonstations of the tools I am showing. For the cruise, where internet is said to be dodgy and expensive, I have been busy doing screenshots and preparing lots of slides. Thank you Windows Snipping Tool. In addition I have finished a talk I am giving on Friday at Ku-ring-gai Historical Society and one for Hornsby Library post cruise. That's 12 Powerpoints in all.

The slides for a panel presentation will need to be finished off on board as I need to confer with the other panelists Shauna Hicks, Helen Smith and find some other poor unsuspecting person who I hope to co-opt on board.

Here is the Evernote Note of which I am so proud.

GeneaGoogling: Effective Google searches (Basic) Completed 
Google Tools for Genealogy - Completed
Social Media for Genealogists: Where, why and how - Completed
A Genealogists Toybox: Gadgets and Tech toys _ Completed
Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and Picasa Both Completed
Family Historian Software Completed
Android Genealogy Completed
Case study: the story of a clock Completed
Google+ for Genealogy - Completed
GeneaBlogging - Completed

Chair: Social Media Panel - Started

I won't be able to avoid going back and tweaking those presentations until it's time to deliver but it is a wonderful feeling to have them all done and dusted.


Kylie Willison said...

All the best for the cruise and your presentations!! Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Kylie :-)

Sharon said...

I look forward to hearing them. I am VERY interested in retiring my big bulky scanner and hope the Flip-Pal Mobile will be the replacement. The panel sounds intriguing and with such experience is sure to be interesting :) Counting down!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

well done Jill! very organised.

Alex Daw said...

Jill, this is so impressive - well done you. Have a wonderful time!


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