Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why have a website?

I was about to highlight the website of an Australian genealogy society by writing a Follow Friday post about them for tomorrow.

As I am such a conscientious linker I read the fine print at the bottom of their home page:

The material herein is also copyright and may not be reproduced or linked to without the permission of the XXX Genealogy Society Inc.  Thank You.

I have changed my mind about sending them a bouquet tomorrow and am sending a brickbat today.

If you want people to promote your society and its wonderful resources and services by please do not place such silly, outdated terms of use on your site.


A O'Brien said...

I didn't realise anyone could really say "don't link to me", I wonder how many times I may have violated these terms :(

Celia Lewis said...

Foolish - one doesn't know whether to laugh out loud at such contrariness or sigh at the stupidity. Brickbats indeed!

Julie Goucher said...

Completely foolish. Surely the whole point of "getting out there" is to meet others, share info, increase profile and hopefully reduce genealogical brick walls, so why not allow people to link to them?


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