Saturday, August 25, 2012

Found in the Garage

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the treasures that we have been finding in our great garage cleanup.

Among the treasures were many full and part rolls of wallpaper from the days when we had wallpapered walls. My son and his wife were so pleased with one of our finds that they took a roll home, snipped a sample and put it in a frame on their toyroom wall for their kids. They were able to show the kids a photo I took in 1976 of Daddy asleep in the room with that wallpaper.

One of the benefits of being a bowerbird is that the kids can reconnect with their past via the junk we have saved.

Wallpaper Sample
Sleeping Beauty 1976

It's a wonder the poor child slept with that loud wallpaper, yellow furniture and curtains, red sheets and green blankets.


Joan said...

Wallpaper can be such a delightful memory --- or view into the past. I stopped by the old Keyes homestead and the new owner was renovating and restoring the house. He showed a piece of the original wallpaper that had been lurking behind the wainscoating. Gorgeous! Told much about their tastes, standing in the community, and early 1900 style. Good luck with more garage treasures.

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

As a young girl about the same age in 1976, I tell you that would have been wonderful wallpaper back then. Little girls love rainbows and colors!


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